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What it means to müv



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By muvideas

On 10, Feb 2018 | One Comment | In Blog | By muvideas

I’m about to make the “big jump” from the company I’m at to start a new business…and I have no idea what I want to call it. I’ve strategically invited a few amazing people to this brainstorming meeting that I think may be involved in the future.

“Aktivate.” “Kreate.” “Your Creative Director.”
The first batch of names were pretty terrible.😂

But what came out of it was a question that they asked me: What experience do you want people to have?

Reflecting on the experiences in my life that were truly unique––the feelings that stood out––I thought about dancing. Dance has been a part of my life since I was 3 years old. I’ve been in some sort of class, either on a high school or college dance team or teaching classes for over 30 years. When you are performing with a group, there is something amazing that happens. When you can feel the collective energy of the people around you and everyone is hitting the counts in the choreography perfectly, you reach this level of momentum and it feels like you are flying. It’s an inspiring and euphoric flow state.

The same concept can be seen in cycling teams. The team works together and changes formation to cut through the wind, gaining speed and energy. This kind of acceleration cannot be achieved alone.

THAT FEELING is what I wanted to capture. I want teammates and clients to experience THAT FEELING when working with me. I want them to feel that our involvement (intellect, skills and collective energy) propels their ideas to new heights.

We named that feeling: müv

Then we began to explore what a team at müv would look like:

  • Everyone is cross-trained (design, development, etc) for more efficient and smarter problem solving
  • Everyone’s ideas are heard and valued, even the interns. The best ideas are implemented, regardless of who they came from.
  • Constant continual growth (both personally and professionally) is encouraged, supported and talked about weekly
  • Everyone is encouraged to fail forward. This means that the risk involved in innovating is embraced. If you mess up, own up to it, learn from it and move on. We’ll support you through it.

Just about a year after that meeting, one of those original 6 people became my business partner: Casara Heaton. We began building that team.


As our team has grown and evolved, we began to explore what müv means to all of us on a personal level. In order to achieve that momentum with an idea or business, energy needs to be pointed at a goal. Personally, that goal & purpose can vary, but the concept of striving for it daily is the same.


Müv has now become a way in which we approach each day. A way to prioritize and focus on what’s most important to us so that we can be the best version of ourselves and bring our own unique gifts to this world.

We’ve developed a set of materials that help us set quarterly personal goals and measure our daily energy investments towards becoming the person that can achieve that goal. We’re developing a team of growth partners.

Now, nearly 6 years since that conversation at Cafe Ventana, the idea still drives me and drives us. And while it’s impossible to be perfect, we’ll continue striving for growth and excellence––together––every day.



Shown above: müvbook.

These spiralbound books have evolved since their start in 2012. They’ve been tweaked quarterly as we’ve uncovered new tactics and thought processes we’ve needed to grow from various experts and leaders.

I’ve personally been filling them out everyday for over 5 years.


  1. When you put heart and energy into your work along with a refusal to have limits on creativity that’s when great ideas come forth.

    Well done, everybody! You should be proud.

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