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American Red Cross Featured Projects

The Idea

Is your company or organization prepared for times of tragedy? This is the question American Red Cross Ready Rating wants to answer. The Ready Rating site is a resource to assess preparedness and suggest training programs for emergency planning. However, prior to our help, it saw flaws in its mobile design and assessment strategy, potentially losing visitors along the way. We came in, alongside EJ at development company Golamac, to redesign Ready Rating and help protect countless more organizations from disaster.


We strategized and re-designed Ready Rating’s assessment program to get visitors to their training program options as quick as possible. So we start visitors off with just three questions. Anyone has time for three questions, right? Once visitors’ curiosity for a preparedness plan is in place, more segmented assessments take them to their next steps. By taking the time to strategize the best user experience, we helped Ready Rating reach and prepare more communities.

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The more organizations are prepared for times of tragedy – whether it’s natural disasters or an active shooter situation – the safer our communities will be. We redesigned digital banner ads and more materials to market this program to four target areas: houses of worship, business, schools, and organizations. It is imperative for the safety of these communities that Ready Rating reach them with poignant messaging and user-friendly technology.