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Drawing Tablets 1



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By muvideas

On 21, May 2015 | In Blog | By muvideas

On April 21 and 22nd, we led a class titled Drawing Tablets 1 to teens in the local communities of Collinsville and Fairmont city.

This 2-hour class focused on the basics of using a Wacom drawing tablet with Photoshop. Our team helped the teens get comfortable with using a drawing tablet and demonstrated how easy (and fun!) it is to paint and draw with the pen. The teens learned how to enhance a photo with layer masks, highlights, shadows and special effects. They had the opportunity to draw freehand too and by the end of the class all of them were confident in using the tablet.

We were excited to get the opportunity to introduce this professional tool that we use everyday to teens interested in digital art and graphic design. This class is part of a 2-part series with an intermediate class next week. In Drawing Tablets 2 we will go through more advanced techniques in Photoshop and demonstrate brushes in illustrator.

These classes are part of the Collinsville and Fairmont City Library’s Project Next Generation. A grant that is helping fund programs that teach young adults how to use the latest technology – from 3D printers to touch screen computers and tablets. Thank you to the library directors for giving us the opportunity and all the teens who enjoyed the class – we look forward to seeing you next week!